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Find A Store Near You is our local Asian business listings to help you quickly locate an Asian store near you. Simply click the name of the city, and then choose the categoty i.e. Oriental Super Market, or Oriental Rugs Stores, you are on the way to find an Asian business near you.
Asian Shopping Blog is the place to find What's New in the shopping mall. We use this blog to update you on new Asian products introduced by our stores, new merchants that join our shopping mall, and upcoming new events and activities in our mall. We also wanted to use this blog to help you learn more about Asian culture.
A Quick way to find an online Asian merchant on orientalshoppingmall.com is to check out our Asian store directory. You may search by popular products such as oriental rugs, rice cooker or bonsai tree; or by category like Asian furnishing stores, or by region i.e Japanese stores.